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Our clients know exactly what to expect be it fixed fee or hourly rates and their total costs. This makes for satisfied clients and satisfied clients improve our practice.


We value your choice and we offer fee structures in traditional hourly rates billed in 6 minute increments or by agreement as fixed flat fees for quoted work. We may accommodate payment plans without you entering into credit checks or additional charges. In addition to trust account payments, we may accept payments by credit cards, eft and cheques. We do not insist on a lump sum trust account deposit. This allows our you to plan your finances and eases your payments over time. Most of our clients use electronic means for convenient payments, and please be advised that we do not pass on merchant fee charges when using credit cards.

We provide a written costs agreement and a written quote of the estimated total amount you may expect. For added confidence in our service you may elect to use our flat fee option with a fixed payment plan.

You will NOT be billed in respect of the following services:

  • Initial personal conference or initial telephone advice to 20 minutes.
  • Photocopying costs up to 500 pages
  • Land line telephone call carrier costs
  • Mobile telephone call carrier costs
  • Local postage costs
  • Fax line costs

This represents real value to the client. We do not charge these fees as we believe the delivery costs of these services has come down considerably in recent years so they they no longer warrant ongoing charging. Other services such as local and std call costs, administrative secretarial time have never been charged by our firm. Therefore the client is left with fees that reflect the time spent actually working on their case.


Many visitors to our website quickly determine that we offer competitive services and we only charge for the actual work done by solicitors. We have consistently operated according to these practices for many years and we believe it is one of the reasons our clients return to use our services and recommend us to family and friends.

We provide written quotes to our clients in advance and state our estimates or capped fees amounts in a Costs Agreement should you engage our services. We are therefore able to state with confidence that you will be completely secure in your cost dealings with our firm in accordance with the Solicitor’s Rules and Law Society of NSW precedents. We have proper regard to the reality that each case is different, each individual’s needs are uniquely subjective and each opponent is unpredictable. We consider ourselves as a reputable firm and we will provide realistic estimates and total fees.

We understand that the last thing our clients wish to see are fees they are not aware of or work they were never advised of. We value your respect, confidence and opinion of our firm and we do not take your retention of our services for granted. We hope that you will be satisfied, like the many before you, and refer and recommend our services to others. Most of our clients are referred and we take pride in our reputation and the opinions held.

Further, we use an innovative, client-friendly fee schedule. The primary benefit of this method is that we carefully collaborate with our clients to arrive at a customised fee for specific services. Before any representation begins, our clients know the estimated total solicitor fees they will receive. Again, before the client is responsible for any fees, the client will know how much, in advance, the representation will cost in accordance with the Solicitors Rules.


Uncompromising quality whilst remaining cost effective and highly competitive, we believe our firm offers the best service to our clients who choose us and are accepted on retainer. Our low overheads do give us a competitive advantage as we operate a advocacy based practice. We have remained a boutique firm and your case will be personally handled by a solicitor rather than being piecemeal allocated to various junior solicitors as is sometimes common practice.


We understand that the value of something is completely subjective to each individual. The focus should be on delivering fixed fees or the time it took for that that value to be delivered.


We accept a number of different payment methods including by installments and deferred payments until the finalisation of cases making it more convenient for our clients. We understand the pressures associated with court cases and legal disputes, therefore we seek to minimise the burdens of paying legal fees by tailoring a method to your needs. We accept: E.F.T., Cheque and Credit Cards. We note that the most preferred form of payment has been electronic and we have upgraded our facilities to accommodate convenient transfers.

We regret to advise that we do not accept legally aided matters.